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Sophie has a renal biopsy

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Character animation

A set of animations to support the NHS with helping children prepare for a daunting and invasive renal biopsy procedure.

Meet Sophie

Creating a fun and informative animation

To create something that was both fun and informative, our monsters certainly did their research by fully understanding the procedure, speaking to the kids, their parents and medical professionals. As you can see, the results speaks for themselves. They have also been well received by NHS trusts and are now helping kids in countries across the globe.

Sandoz Animation


From sketches to a storyboard

The animation begins its life as some sketches on canvas, evolving in to a storyboard of the whole sequence.

Sandoz Style Frames

Style frames

Bringing the storyboard to life

With the storyboard in place and blue prints drawn up, it's time to create visuals based on the chosen art direction. We establish a colour palette, design icons and finalise the character's look and feel.