Creative Monster
PM House, Riverway Estate,
Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford,
Surrey, GU3 1LZ, UK


Lights, camera, action!

Our handy work

Monster magic

Hey - thank goodness you found us! We're Creative Monster, Masters of the creative Universe. Let's work together to create something magical.

What do we actually do?

That's a good question



Visual story telling is what we do so well. We realise the importance of creating stunning films that captivate whilst also telling your brand story.


Sound Design

From a monsters point of view, we create beautiful sound that breathes life into our productions. Productions with sound are always forward moving dynamic and expressive. Whether it be through music, sound effects, voice overs, audio mixing or all of the above.



This is all about the how - How you communicate, how things look and how it comes together. In a nutshell, we figure out how to get you there successfully. Starting with a bid strategy, campaign architecture, through to concept design and collaboration.


Web & Dev

A balanced relationship between form and function is fundamental in delivering a scarily good online experience. Bespoke, outstanding creativity and an obsessive attention to detail, shape our philosophy on how a concept becomes reality. Simply put, our monsters don't stop until their work truly inspires.



These are great ways to help people that matter the most to you understand why they can't live without you. We create characterful and engaging animations for global brands, start-ups, social networks and everyone in between. Covering everything from 2D/3D, motion graphics, character animation and yes, even CGI.



Immerse yourself and your customers into a new world, where anything is possible. We help to create a space that takes you away, showing the infinite possibilities in VR/AR and visuals shows including projection mapping and 360 films.



A monsters objective is creating a brand that makes people fall in love with a company. That's not easy but, hey we like to think we've gotten pretty good at it over the years. Intelligent design coupled with a clear understanding of your requirements is what makes all the difference. This is the foundation of everything we do.

Those lucky people...

That get to work with our monsters

Monsters at your service

With a lot of good humans

Meet Graham Long, the 'Golden Boy' and a Director of Creative Monster. Watch his interview and find out why the previous Vice President of a small Korean outfit (Samsung Electronics) became a Monster.